1. beatonna:


    Russian traditional architrave - “nalichnik” - still can be found even in a big cities.

    Some of those was made in XIX century.



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  2. s-u-w-i:

    sooo first thing I upload to my tumblr!

    Hercule Poirot and Hastings drinking chocolate for my dear sister :)

  3. s-u-w-i:


    in Sandman mood after finding this amazing comic http://sandmanlock.tumblr.com/tagged/comic/chrono ♥♥♥
    sorry..I drew him bit chubby…I think I can’t draw skinny people ^^;
  4. elina-elsu:


    mixture of my latest Holmes/Watson fan-arts :3

    1. BBC Sherlock from summer holidays (it’s bit older ^^; ) - trying to draw with ink pencil :)

    2. Classical Holmes and Watson (from book :) ) commission for lovely Antwort - http://antwort.deviantart.com/ ^.^

    3. Russian Holmes fan-art for my dear friend Kaminek - http://kaminek.deviantart.com/ >.<

    4. BBC Sherlock for contest :3

    s-u-w-i has a Tumblr, go like their art :)


  5. spacefall:

    Sometimes Tumblr feels a little like a battleground, with people clutching for ever-fainter evidence to prove that their pairing is The Best and The Truest. It’s strange to see it applied to the formerly cosy world of Holmes slash, which 5+ years ago wouldn’t have known a pairing…

  6. omelton:

    "Let the Dress Suit the Occasion", as prompted by Elina Elsu, who wanted “Something involving Holmes, Watson and victorian clothes!pr0n :’D”

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  7. elina-elsu:


    "The Ruin of His Reputation"

    Hello tumblr, today I shall spam you with oldish slashy art stuff!

    This is the best kind of pr0n :::::D

  8. elina-elsu:


    comic © me

    satan © himself

    It’s the Holmes (canon/slash) fandom. I haven’t even tried to look for the exit in the past 10 years.

  9. elina-elsu:

    BBBC Johnlock Sherlock

    If you still haven’t seen it, omg.

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  10. spacefall:

    The National Library of Scotland hosts a beautiful collection of online maps including late 19th century Scotland, England and Wales.  The set includes the 1:1,056 scale OS map of 1890s London, detailed enough to include individual buildings, enclosures, etc. Here is Baker Street.

    This is a gorgeous resource for Holmesians, and quicker than flipping through paper copies of the same. Thanks, National Library of Scotland!

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