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    Carlos what the hell

    a reminder that these things were said.

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    Let’s play ‘spot the guys who’ve been snooping round tumblr’


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    Sherlockian Wednesday Watchalong

    The Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes (2010)

    I love Sherlock Holmes, dinosaurs, and robots. Combining all three seems like it should be a good idea. Spoiler: IT IS NOT.

    We’re watching… whatever this is and chatting about it live this evening at 8:30 pm US Eastern time (click for your local date/time).

    The movie is available on Netflix in the US, though note Netflix lists the release date as 2009. It may also be possible to borrow a streaming copy from OverDrive if your library offers that service.

    Anyone is welcome to join us, even if you’re just seeing this post randomly out in the tags. See you this evening in The Giant Chat of Sumatra!

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    Happy birthday, MR. HOLMES !!
    January 6th, 1854 ~ ∞


  6. "The character of Mary Morstan was removed from the stories in which she originally features: nothing ought to get in between Holmes and Watson. She would have got in the way. Watson was more in love with Holmes - in a pure sense - than he could have been with a woman."
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    i tried……

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