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    A sitcom about a pair of teaching assistants at a public university who specialize in fanworks and pop culture and media and film studies which chronicles their attempts to reconcile the worlds of academia and fandom called “Struggle Meta”.



  2. "I discovered The Silent Woman, Janet Malcolm’s portrait of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, last fall and read it in just one sitting, the book in one hand and a champagne flute of white wine in the other. I had recently broken all of my wine glasses. I did not break them all at the same time. Some I broke while cleaning, and I was upset that I had managed to destroy something while trying to make it clean, make it better. Other glasses were broken using more theatrical methods, smashing them against walls to prove points. I had also recently broken my bed frame, cracked a rib, and wrecked a series of valuable relationships. Broken things had become my metric. It was fall and this book fell on my head in the Strand. It was fall and everything was falling out of place. It was fall and I felt, constantly, as if I were in a state of vertigo. I could go on. I won’t."
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    Holmes and Watson do not take kindly to your pointing out that Watson buttoned his coat wrong.

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    Some photos from Gillette to Brett. enerjax

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    The original note from Reichenbach Falls as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Totes not crying.

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    Smug and sassy #sherlockholmes being smug and sassy. #scandalinbohemia #granadaholmes #gillettetobrett #jeremybrett #davidburke

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    Paul Annett, director of Scandal in Bohemia, Solitary Cyclist, and Copper Beeches in the #granadaholmes #sherlockholmes series saying he was familiar with #arthurconandoyle but “not like you lot!”

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    David Burke your face sir. #granadaholmes #gillettetobrett